My creative process combines cloth and colour and the fascinating Japanese techniques of Shibori (shaped resist dyeing) that is based on faith, fantasy, and the wish to translate my feelings and observations into visual, tactile art forms.

I work intuitively – inspired by simple images that I encounter in my beautiful native Cornwall, on my travels, and working with inspiring friends around the world.

I record marks, lines, of often unrelated shapes and patterns in a sketch book and mull over the ideas that they give me.

There can be five or six separate processes to a finished piece of work, so the original concept will grow in the making, taking on its own finished identity.

Over the past forty years I have developed my own style of dyeing, related to sustainable practices, researching dyeing techniques, natural mordants and surface decoration using fiber reactive dyes and Indigo and other natural dyes

‘…It is very important what you do and say when you’re old, now I am at the stage of urgency, my theme is celebration of life, joy, the importance of colour, form, space and texture’ – Wilhelmina Barns-Graham